GLV represents all the Greater London Volunteer Centres, as well as volunteer development agencies and civil society across London. Our city is home to over 120,000 organisations, from the largest charities in the country through to small grassroots community groups. Over 7 million Londoners used the services of a charity in the last year, from the 19% who used a local community centre to the 10% who accessed counselling and mental health support services. The sector employs over 250,000 paid staff, and involves some 3.5 million people as volunteers. We know, from the Bank of England’s number crunching, that the economic, social and wellbeing value of just the volunteering element of this sector equates to a £27 billion contribution to London every year.

GLV supports and enables the voluntary sector through the following objectives:

GLV represents; listening to the views of our members and using these to influence decision-making in relation to volunteering in London.

GLV networks; bringing people together in the right groups and the right ways to share ideas and experiences to enhance the quality and quantity of volunteering in London.

GLV informs; researching, sharing and communicating developments relevant to volunteering in London.

GLV resources; identifying opportunities to work together with others to increase the resources available to support volunteering in London.

Your membership will entitle you to access the wide variety of services GLV provides to its members throughout Greater London. Email for more information.

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