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2 young Asian male volunteers, helping an old lady filling in a form, on her front door

Why volunteer?
Who can volunteer?
How do I get started?
Case studies

Thinking of Volunteering?

London’s loaded with short term and events opportunities  – have a browse through our calendar below and get in touch with local organisers.

If you’d like to list an event, download a Registration Form below and, once completed, return it to us by email in Word or editable format.

London Events Calendar – Registration Form

Why volunteer?

Who can volunteer?

Volunteering is for everyone, regardless of age, employment status and abilities. Most volunteers have a great time volunteering and recommend it to others. Volunteering is not just about giving. It is a two-way exchange of skills and experience, provides a way to meet new people and find out more about your community, and can be great fun and very rewarding. Meet some of our volunteers and read about their volunteering experiences.

How do I get started?

Sometimes it feels hard to get started, but now you’re in the right place. There are thousands of volunteering opportunities in London covering all professional careers, ranging from admin work to finance, media, PR, to working in schools, with children or older people.  Find more volunteering opportunities by visiting http://www.do-it.org.uk, enter your postcode and area of interest and see which volunteering opportunities are available near you. You can volunteer in your local area, you can volunteer virtually by working from home, and you can even volunteer away from home, in a residential opportunity.

Are you still not sure? Contact your local Volunteer Centre. Your local Volunteer Centre can suggest the right volunteering opportunity for you and has answers to all your volunteering related questions. Almost every borough in London has a Volunteer Centre, and they are really easy to find. Use the Volunteer Centre finder, enter your postcode find out what’s available near you.

Volunteer at GLV

There are no volunteer opportunities with GLV at present.


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