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Welcoming our new team

Following the appointment of our CEO Margaret Cooney in June we are delighted to have welcomed four new members of staff over the last few weeks to create our new team.

Leah Whittingham – Networks Partner
Leah will be supporting the development and coordination of networks and forums, both via existing networks and through the development of new alliances.

Natasha Codiroli Mcmaster– Data and Intelligence Coordinator
Natasha will be taking a lead in developing a data and research agenda for London’s civil society with other partners. This will include identifying, collating and sharing data, as well as supporting data literacy programmes.

Emily Coatham – London Plus Coordinator
Emily’s role is to provide a range of organisational support activities for London Plus. This will include supporting the communications functions and maintaining the financial systems.

Rayhan Haque – Employment and Skills Policy Lead
Rayhan will lead our strategic influencing on employment and skills policy. Rayhan’s role will be to keep the VCSE sector informed on important developments and funding opportunities as well as to provide a platform for engagement with policymakers and the private sector.


It has been a busy month as we bring on board our new team who are now out and about meeting our network and key partners.  We are also excited to announce that at the recent GLV AGM and networking event held 19th July, we announced our new name ‘London Plus’.

Our next task is to  launch a new website and brand, but in the meantime we will be using the GLV website and associated brand to post news and updates of our progress. Watch this space…

If you want to find out more about the development of London Plus please contact Margaret Cooney,


London Plus is adopting a new governance structure which is closely based on GLV’s charitable objectives. We are currently working with our cross-sector advisory group to finalise governance and membership arrangements. Our board will meet 19th September to put in place transitional arrangements.

Data and Intelligence

We are currently working to put together the Data and Intelligence strategy for London Plus. A large part of this strategy will be to develop original research on the state of the Civil Society sector in London.

As a first step we have been using data from the Community Life Survey to explore how many people have been involved in Civil Society in London over time. Click here to go to our blog and read our findings.

London Plus advisory group

The a cross-sector hub advisory group was established to develop the concept of the ‘hub for London’ and assist in its set-up. We intend to retain this group as we begin to operate as London Plus. The group will meet on a regular basis and we will continue to draw upon their expertise to assist us in shaping our strategy and priorities. The current membership includes the following people:

Equalities Sub Group Tracey Lazard (Inclusion London) and Ezechias Ngendahayo (Refugee Council)
CVS Directors Jackie Rosenburg (One Westminster) and Naomi Goldberg (GAVS)
GLA Alice Wilcock (Team London)
GLV Karen Chillman (Croydon CVAlive) and Helen Price (Enfield Voluntary Action)
Hub Trustees Cameron Fitzwilliam–Grey (GLV)
London Councils Feria Henry, (London Councils)
Borough Grants Ginny Hyland (London Borough of Bexley)
Independent Funders Jenny Field (City Bridge Trust)
Funders Geraldine Blake (London Funders)
Elected members Cllr Paul Mc Glone (London Borough of Lambeth)
Business Sector Dominic Pinkney (Works4U)
Bridge Fund Julie Bishop (Law Centres Network)

The way ahead – moving ahead

London Plus emerged from the wider work on the Way Ahead and we are currently mapping out our delivery strategy with reference to the work identified in the Way Ahead report.

More details on the Way Ahead can be viewed via this link.

Along with the GLA and London Funders we hosted the conference titled ‘Civil Society at the Heart of London: Putting the Way Ahead vision into action’ on Tuesday 3rd july. This was a great opportunity for Margaret to introduce herself to the network, update everyone on the progress of London Plus and meet so many organisations. The well attended event which also involved discussions on applying the Way Ahead thinking, and a variety of guest speakers, received a really positive response and gave London Plus lots of ideas to aid our strategy planning. For more information on this event please click here to go to the London Funders site.

London CVS Directors

CVSs are the voice of local social action. They are borough-based charities for local voluntary sector infrastructure – the people who help others set up and run charities and community groups.

The directors’ forum is where the leaders of London-based Councils for Voluntary Service (CVSs) and infrastructure support organisations come together to learn from each other, share information and intelligence and discuss issues such as the linking of local civil society with regional priorities.

The group meets on a quarterly basis and has a rotating chair. London Plus have been invited to join this network and will help to organise the agenda for meetings. The first meeting London Plus will be attending is on the 18th September.

The CVS Directors have an important role in informing our work and developing the thinking about how the Way Ahead strategy can evolve, so we are delighted to be part of this network.