Welcoming Margaret Cooney our new CEO

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new CEO, Margaret Cooney.

Margaret joins GLV at a pivotal time in the organisation’s transition toward the creation of a ‘hub for London’, a new Civil Society infrastructure body that will have Londoners’ needs at the heart of all its activities. Having previously made substantial impact with V-Inspired and The Big Lottery, Margaret brings a wealth of experience, skill and knowledge with her to this new role.

We are currently interviewing for a new staff team, more information about these posts is available on our jobs page. To find out about our current staff and Trustees please see here.

The Future of Civil Society Support in London

The hub for London is part of the wider work on the Way Ahead, which starts with 3 core beliefs:

  1. A thriving civil society is good for Londoners
  2. In order to achieve a strong and vibrant civil society, just like any other sector, civil society organisations need access to appropriate support, as well as a ‘voice’ within debates about London
  3. London faces both challenges and opportunities which means we need to rethink how that support and voice is best provided to civil society in London

The Way Ahead proposes a system that puts London’s communities at the heart of the way we all work. It begins with co-producing an understanding of need and how to tackle it with our communities, through to better sharing of intelligence and data across all sectors, and making sure that civil society’s voice is heard in decision making at a strategic level. More details on the Way Ahead can be viewed via this link.

The hub for London

The hub for London is a new infrastructure support organisation for the region, the draft format and key functions have been developed through consultation with a wide selection of cross-sector stakeholders and networks. This paper gives an overview of how the hub will operate and also its key functions. The hub for London will be under the governance structures of GLV and new draft charitable objectives have been submitted to the charities commission for adoption by GLV in the future.

The hub functions have been identified as the following:


City Bridge Trust have awarded funding for the hub for London and this will support the development of the organisation, including a new website, staffing cost and a range of activities moving forward. For further details on this development, please see the Corporation of London’s press release.

City Bridge Trust have also commissioned Rocket Science to map what infrastructure and support services are already in place and who is funding what in this area. This report can be downloaded here.

Sharon Long from Partnership for Young London has been seconded to help on the set-up of the hub for two days a week, her contact details can be found below.

Hub Advisory Group

To support this work, we have established a cross-sector hub advisory group, the membership has been elected from a range of different civil society networks from across London. This includes the following people:

Equalities Sub Group Tracey Lazard (Inclusion London) and Ezechias Ngendahayo (Refugee Council)
CVS Directors Jackie Rosenburg (One Westminster) and Naomi Goldberg (GAVS)
GLA Alice Wilcock (Team London)
GLV Karen Chillman (Croydon CVAlive) and Helen Price (Enfield Voluntary Action)
Hub Trustees Cameron Fitzwilliam–Grey (GLV)
London Councils Feria Henry, (London Councils)
Borough Grants Ginny Hyland (London Borough of Bexley)
Independent Funders Jenny Field (City Bridge Trust)
Funders Geraldine Blake (London Funders)
Elected members Cllr Paul Mc Glone (London Borough of Lambeth)
Business Sector Dominic Pinkney (Works4U)
Bridge Fund Julie Bishop (Law Centres Network)

The group will be meeting on a monthly basis to review the following areas:

  • Key functions for the hub
  • Links and the interface to regional, local and specialist civil society networks
  • Developing a communications strategy for the hub
  • Creating an impact framework for the work
  • Supporting the development of a new governance structure for the hub

If you want to find out more about the development of the hub for London please contact Sharon Long, sharon@glv.org.uk.

London CVS Directors

CVSs are the voice of local social action. They are borough-based charities for local voluntary sector infrastructure – the people who help others set up and run charities and community groups.

The directors’ forum is where the leaders of London-based Councils for Voluntary Service (CVSs) and infrastructure support organisations come together to learn from each other, share information and intelligence and discuss issues such as the linking of local civil society with regional priorities.

The group meets on a quarterly basis and has a rotating chair. The CVS Directors have commissioned a response to help inform the thinking about the Way Ahead work, an excerpt from the introduction is as follows:

We commissioned this report, because we recognised that there is a need to crystallise our own experiences, and reflect that as a network and as a community of infrastructure we are committed to rising to both the current challenges faced by civil society, and the visions of and solutions for the future that the Way Ahead represents. The Way Ahead is at once both an emblem of and ambitious vision for change. We know that we do not have all the answers, but we know that we have some of the right questions.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Future priorities for the network are:

  1. Discussing cooperation between boroughs on key issues such as the transformation of health & social care
  2. Exploring sources of funding for local infrastructure work such as the Cornerstone Funding through City Bridge Trust
  3. Continuing to input to the development of The Way Ahead

To find out more about the network please contact Sharon Long, sharon@glv.org.uk.

Employment and Skills project

We are pleased to announce that on 1st October Jonathan Slater, our new Employment and Skills Policy & Project Manager was transferred over from London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) to Greater London Volunteering (GLV) as part of our transition to a new hub for Civil Society in London.

Jonathan’s post will continue thanks to Trust for London’s continued funding of the Employment and Skills project. From now on Jonathan can be contacted at his new email address jonathan@glv.org.uk. Jonathan’s direct number – 020 7832 5823, as well as his twitter address @Jonathan_LVSC will remain the same, as will his postal address (with the exception of working for GLV), as Jonathan will still be based on the 2nd floor, 200a Pentonville Rd N1 9JP for the next few months.

For an overview of the project please see https://greaterlondonvolunteering.org.uk/london-hub/employment-and-skills/